Emerald Coast Books

by Author James Keir Baughman

Villages By An Emerald Sea

History of Florida's Emerald Coast in the 1950's

Share the delightful, tiny-town years of Northwest Forida's magnificent Emerald Coast. Near 300 historic people, families, businesses, streets, highways, old bridges, and sea sides of the 1950's and 60's. America’s Eglin Air Force, so vital to Emerald Coast history. How Ellsworth Air Force Base got its name. Fort Walton Beach’s jail in 1954. The Best Damn Writer On The Emerald Coast. Dawn At The Indian Mound Saloon. One of Florida’s best-ever editors, ably abetting amazing Emerald Coast growth. Aboard The Sloop Morningstar, in the sea breeze of October. A word painting of the sea, glistening sand beach, ocean breezes, weather moods, and people who loved it then and made it America's new Riviera as it is today.

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An Angel With Silver Wings

A Tale of Fighter Planes and Inbound Angels

It’s a curious story. In fact one of surprising faith. of high flight at fighter plane speeds, the wonder of Angels, and the lovely seaside of Northwest Florida's magnificent Emerald Coast. Besides, there's explosive surprise, growing human understanding, even the edge of Heaven itself. In the agile, P-51 this startled man finds fear and stress of “do or die” combat. Gently leading him, it's Angel pilot, still brash and bold, pines for his own mortal years. Having met him in the most frightening of ways, the man must learn what the Angel was sent to share. That swaggering Messenger and a few of the Heavenly Host, famous over thousands of years, give him his sense of a new life. And in that strange, unexpected adventure he fulfills his dream to fly the most deadly fighter of World War II.

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Fun & Adventure in the Condo Lifestyle

Learn How to Manage, Maintain, and Live Better in Your Own Condo

This book of proven ideas is of vital interest for anyone buying, or new to living in, a Condominium or Community Association. Amazingly useful and practical ideas come from those who know, Condo or Community Association owners, board members, officers, managers, and staffers. In its pages are hundreds of tips and hints you will use to better understand the association management process, to more effectively manage, and to make your close knit lifestyle more enjoyable. Besides, it’s a fun read, including many Florida cities, but reaching far over our great Nation for new concepts, the northeast, the West, the mountains, Hollywood, even Central America. Its a Condo tour across America. Come along for the ride and learn.

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